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Super Dragon Ball Heroes (2018) ซุปเปอร์ดราก้อนบอลฮีโร่: 6x3

The Battle on Ozotto's Palace! Explode, Saiyan Power!

Joined by Xeno Goku and Vegeta, the group goes to the Ozotto Mansion, but makes Chronoa stay behind to not risk her. They blast the mansion, but it is unaffected. Ozotto’s voice challenges them to split up and enter 5 different entrances. If they find and defeat the real Ozotto, everyone he ate will be freed. Goku finds and battles an Ozotto duplicate using Ultra Instinct; the duplicate changes to Turles, Bojack, and Meta Cooler and they are evenly matched. Vegeta finds a duplicate who changes to Super Janemba’s form. After giving Vegeta a beating, the duplicate says he is too weak to be a meal and would rather eat Goku. Enraged, Vegeta uses Super Saiyan Blue Evolved and blasts him with Final Flash. Meanwhile, Gohan wakes up in a pod and finds Goten, Trunks, and others unconscious in pods. As he struggles to break free, Ozotto taunts him and explains that they are all inside his body.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: 6×3
Feb. 18, 2024