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Super Dragon Ball Heroes (2018) ซุปเปอร์ดราก้อนบอลฮีโร่: 6x4

Fist of Anger Explosion! Fierce Fight of the Imprisoned!

Ozotto taunts Gohan by hurting Goten and Trunks, but when he threatens Videl, Gohan explodes with rage, breaks free from his pod, and attacks Ozotto. After defeating their opponents, Xeno Trunks, Xeno Goku, and Xeno Vegeta contacts each other and realize they cannot contact Chronoa. Goku and Vegeta break into the area where Gohan and Ozotto are fighting after killing the other counterparts of Ozotto, but Ozotto uses the distraction to reabsorb Gohan, and his power skyrockets. With little options, Goku and Vegeta use the Potara to fuse into Vegito. Vegito uses Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken and obliterates Ozotto, causing a heavily injured Gohan to reappear, just before he separates. As Goku and Vegeta check on Gohan, he warns them that they are inside Ozotto. As he says this, the entire mansion morphs into a “Giant Fat Form” Ozotto. Meanwhile, Xeno Trunks, Goku, and Vegeta are threatened by several duplicates of past villains.

Apr. 11, 2024